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Capping Machines

Matching Caps and Special Extras: Our Capping Machine for Printed Tubes, including Welded Membranes. Ideal for Integration into Production Lines or Standalone Operation.

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Exemplary Technique and Precision

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Finished printed tubes are seamlessly processed by our capping machines, emerging with precisely set caps. What may appear straightforward demands a high level of technique and precision. Our capping machines not only operate reliably but also ensure controlled quality. Multiple monitoring stations continuously oversee critical processes, ensuring each cap fits flawlessly. In the event of an abnormal value reported by a control station, the tube is promptly sorted out. The user-friendly touchscreen offers insights into the intricate processes within our capping machines. Experience unparalleled precision and quality with us - give it a try!

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Innovation Beyond Borders, Made in Germany

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Learn More: Capping: Features

Product Range

  • Screw caps

  • Fliptop caps

  • Tube positioning

  • Sealing

  • Welding of sleeve and shoulder

  • Quality control

Experience precision and versatility in every application.

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Capping and Sealing Excellence for Diverse Applications, Suitable for Both Plastic and Aluminum Tubes.

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