End Making

Single or multi-die production lines for lids, EO shells, rings, bottom ends, Aerosol domes & bottoms and twist-off caps


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Adwar is also specialised in supplying medium- and high-speed end making or end manufacturing systems. 

Our global suppliers which are for this range of products mainly based in Germany, develop and produce high-performance systems for many art of end applications with guaranteed quality.

Our systems start from single or multi-die lines, depending on the requirements and products, lines are available from 1-out (250 epm) up to 16-out (4000 epm).

All machines are designed to run on Aluminium, SR, DR, tinplate and TFS.

As diameter size changeover has become more important we offer several steps for quick changeover with less than 10-15 minutes in all our machines.


Quality in Perfection

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Our End Making Machines Range


Sheet Feed Press




Other Presses


Shell press for Easy Open Ends (EOE)

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Normal ends

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Twist off (lug) caps

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Aerosol domes and bottoms

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General line

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Making Better Cans

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