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High-Quality Printing Plates and Accessories

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Since 2012, as a dedicated distributor, we have consistently delivered specialized and efficient services to lithographic plate users. Our pursuit of excellence transcended our product offerings. We took great pride in our exceptional delivery service, offering plates and chemicals of European quality at highly competitive prices. This unwavering commitment not only established us as a prominent player in the local market but also fueled our continuous expansion. We underwent transformation by swiftly adapting to emerging technologies and the ever-evolving demands of the industry. With our highly skilled professional team specializing in offset plates and an unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier customer service, we were well-prepared to confront the challenges and anticipate future changes. Our enduring commitment remained focused on providing our valued customers with the highest quality products and services.

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Comprehensive Printing Plate Solutions

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Product Advantage

Why Choose Us?

  • Exceptional Quality: Products sourced exclusively from top European manufacturers known for quality.

  • Tailored Solutions: Customized electrochemical graining and anodizing for each plate type.

  • High Performance: Hydrophilic non-printing areas ensure superior printing machine performance.

  • Comprehensive Range: One-stop-shop for all your printing plate needs.

Collaborative Partnerships

Partnering with the Best in Europe

  • Adwar collaborates with top European manufacturers.

  • Ensures access to cutting-edge technology and innovation.

  • Our partnerships guarantee the highest quality standards.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring Excellence in Every Plate

  • Stringent quality checks at every stage of production.

  • Adherence to international printing industry standards.

  • Ongoing product testing and improvement initiatives.

Sustainability Initiatives


  • Environmentally responsible sourcing and manufacturing.

  • Reduced waste and carbon footprint.

  • Options for eco-friendly plate solutions.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Distribution Network

Delivering Across Borders

  • Adwar's extensive distribution network.

  • Fast and reliable delivery to clients worldwide.

  • Local support and technical assistance.

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Product Range Offset Printing Plates

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Positive Conventional Plates

  • High-quality sheet-fed color printing presses

  • Web offset and packaging printing

  • Press proofing

Negative Conventional Plates

  • High-quality sheet-fed color printing presses

  • High-quality color web printing for newspapers, magazines, and other packaging 


Plates without Coating

  • ​As 'blank' plates in newspaper printing and also for the 'Wipe-on' process

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Get in Touch

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