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Your Spare Parts, Our Passion: Making Excellence Routine

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Proactive spare parts provisioning and support

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Catering to all our exclusive brands, we go beyond mere specialization; it is our forte and the hallmark of our reputation - delivering exceptional spare parts and services. We take pride in our expertise, professionalism, and a genuine passion for providing top-tier spare parts and services, ensuring your systems run seamlessly and efficiently.

With a local presence and 24/7 support, we ensure a swift supply of spare parts to minimize downtime. Our spare parts are sourced from reputable OEM suppliers and are meticulously maintained in the inventory for immediate dispatch. From wear and tear components to a vast array of mechanical, electrical, and electronic parts, we have got you covered, safeguarding your investments and optimizing operational performance. Our dedicated spare parts specialists are well-versed in your machine's construction, ensuring you receive precisely tailored components and facilitating rapid delivery when needed.

For older machines, we offer comprehensive service inspections, including on-site visits to recommend spare parts and conversions that can extend the lifespan of your machines and enhance productivity. In the case of seaming machines, we recommend overhaul services based on production schedules, which vary depending on the machine type and capacity utilization.

In summary, we take pride in maintaining a permanent and comprehensive inventory of the most critical spare parts for all our machines. This commitment ensures seamless can production for our valued customers.

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Your Speedy Contact for Your
Spare Parts Needs

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Administration Manager (Spare Parts)

«Spare Parts: My Passion, Your Solution»

Hi, I'm Michel, originally from Italy, and I have been living in Dubai since 2017,

I bring over ten years of dedicated administrative expertise across diverse industries, including Automotive, Manufacturing, Banking, and Packaging/Containers. With a BSc in Business and Management, I excel in negotiation, analytics, and executive support. As Adwar's Administration Manager since 2018, I lead and streamline operations, ensuring efficiency and growth, with a special focus on managing the Spare Parts Division since 2020.

I would be delighted to serve as your direct point of contact for any assistance you may need with spare parts

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The Source for Exclusive Spare Parts

Swift and seamless supply and service: Promptly delivered!

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Durable and enduring!

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