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Tubes Production

Aluminium Tubes or Laminated  (Plastic) Tubes - We've Got You Covered with the Right Machinery, Including the Perfect Capping Solutions!

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Tailored Solutions

Customised Interaction

Exceptional Quality

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Explore our advanced machinery designed for manufacturing laminate tubes that seamlessly blend the advantageous properties of aluminum with the aesthetic appeal of plastic. Choose from our range of all-plastic or aluminum-based options and discover how our state-of-the-art equipment empowers you to create sustainable packaging solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With outstanding machinery capabilities, you can achieve tube sizes as small as 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter!

With over 50 years of experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing machines and complete production lines, used worldwide for fully automated high-volume production of plastic tubes.

From project planning to the commissioning of the production line, all our customers trust in our reliability. Individual solutions, personal contact, and impeccable quality for cost-effective operations have been our goal from the beginning.

Each production line is customized to meet specific needs. We carefully consider special technical requirements and structural features of the building. Everything is meticulously observed and calculated with our experienced team of designers, developers, engineers, and dedicated sales team. This ensures that all communication and fulfillment is exclusively managed through one partner.

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Product Lines

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  1. Foil Laminates

  • Offers light, air, and moisture barrier

  • Combines aluminum properties with the aesthetic appeal of plastic

  • Minimized aroma absorption

  • Available in Silver, White, and Custom Colors

​2. All Plastic Laminates (APL)

  • High Barrier with chemical resistance

  • Provides the 'Feel' of Mono Layer Plastic Tube

  • EVOH layer enhances cosmetic appeal while maintaining barrier qualities

  • Retains shape and form

  • Options in Opaque and Transparent finishes

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Innovation Beyond Borders, Made in Germany

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Explore 'Capping Special'

German Quality Excellence: 100%

Flexible Tube Cap Mounting Machine

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