Can Manufacturing

2-piece (DRD) can making for many applications, suitable for tinplate, TFS and aluminium


«Making Better Cans»

We offer simple to operate, stable and with high efficiency lines for the production of various kinds of 2-piece cans suitable for different kind of material.

Our lines are developed by experience, available from 1-out to 7-out for high speed production. 

Convince yourself with a trustful team of experts.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

That is what makes us different!

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Fully automatic lines

Our 2-piece Cans Machines Range


2-piece cans

Tin can closed and open with canned tuna on white background.jpeg

Draw Redraw (DRD)

Open canned fish. Smocked salmon filets..jpeg

DWI Draw


Precision in Perfection

Pieces of tuna fish in a can over wicker background.jpeg
filled_cans copy.jpeg